Mendelssohn's Elijah

Inspired by the Old Testament 9th c. BC Hebrew prophet, and translated from German to English based on the King James Bible, Mendelssohn debuted and conducted his magnificent oratorio commission at England’s famous Birmingham Festival in 1846. Following the London debut in 1847, the London Times said “Never was there a more thorough and speedy recognition of a great work of art." Shortly thereafter, at the pinnacle of his career and only 38 years old, Mendelssohn fell dead after a series of fatal strokes. It is believed he was utterly exhausted by the effort of creating such a musical masterpiece, and sad beyond return at the loss of his beloved sister, Fanny.

Elijah is the powerful story of man against world, a “fiery” man, passionate and loyal in his resistance and fight against false Gods and empty idolatry. It was created and written in Victorian England during a time of great progress and rationalism...a time of materialism and scientific advances such that challenged accepted traditions...all which lay heavy on the heart and mind of Felix Mendelssohn.

Filled with inspirational arias and choruses, dramatic narrative and musical contrasts, Elijah is glorious music! As music is recognized as “art”, Mendelssohn’s Elijah is as exalted in magnificence and grandeur as that of Handel’s Messiah and Haydn’s Creation. This music and narrative will leave you breathless and stunned in its drama and suspense, its emotional contrasts and melodic eloquence.

Live performance of the great masterworks proves classic music fresh to modern ears, remaining ever new and timeless once again. Offering something for everyone of all ages, as being in the company of great art and music always does, we look forward to seeing you at our spring performances of Elijah!